Welcome to the Eve-Online Training Academy's large library of Guides.
Please note that, while all of these guides were written by our creator, Eve character Feral Karkassia, none of the information is new. The information here--like most around this site--is common knowledge to most older players, and has simply been written out and categorized by Feral for the benefit of newcomers to the Eve universe. New guides will be added from time to time; for now, we several comprehensive guides up already, so enjoy!

The Guides:

Security Guide: Part 1, Miner Safety

Security Guide: Part 2, Traveling Safely

Security Guide: Part 3, How to Avoid Pirates  

Common Eve Terms and Abbreviations

A Guide to Skills and Skill-Training in Eve-Online

A Guide to the Scanner and ScanProbes

A Guide to the Four Races of Eve

  Guide to Eve Professions

  Basic Guide to Fighting

  Mining Guide

  Manufacturing Guide

  If you're looking for information on how to find a good corporation, have a look at our main guide which has details on what to look for in a corp, and what to make sure fits your gaming style.

  If you want further information and/or more detailed guides on specific subjects, check out the Higher Learning section at the bottom of our Hints section.



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